Kronborg Castle


Classic tour

This is the traditional and most popular tour where the guide tells the main stories of the castle. The tour includes visits to the royal apartments, the ballroom, and the palace church and to Holger the Dane in casemates. Duration approx. 1 hour.

Unknown Kronborg

Unknown Kronborg - with Kronborg’s old historic keys the guide will open doors to rooms, which guests normally cannot visit. The tour is organized especially for the occasion and may include visits to the attic, to the king's wine cellar, in a tower or in Erik of Pomerania's banquet hall. Duration approx. 1 hour.

In Hamlet's footsteps

A dramatized tour with a costumed guide. Adultery, murder and deceit - Hamlet's friend speaks out! Walking around the castle with Hamlet's friend Horatio guests hear the drama of Hamlet, as it could have taken place on the famous Renaissance castle. Duration approx. 45 minutes.

Mystery Makers - The Secret of Kronborg

Kronborg gives the Danish kings unprecedented prosperity and influence. But wealth leads to corruption and a desire for more. The King’s greed forces him into war on all sides, steadily emptying the national treasure and the kingdom is left on the brink of bankruptcy. In The King’s absence you will have to search the castle on the hunt for money to save the nation. Can you trust each other, can you resist the temptations, and will you break the curse of Kronborg together? You will find your way through the castle by following hidden clues and solving puzzles. On your journey you will decent into the underworld of Kronborg, where you will decode secret messages in the light of lanterns. Duration approx. 1½ hours.

Adventure and treasure 

An eventful treasure hunt at Kronborg and the areas around the castle. The tour includes a number of surprises, all based on the life that has taken place at the castle. Experience the royal apartments, the palace church, the casemates and fortress area. Learn about the maritime life, kings and queens, sound dues and other stories. Equipped with a historic map of the area and different material you have to solve tasks. The best team win the treasure and become kings and queens of the day. Duration approx. 2½ hours.


Segs and Hamlet 

To be or not to be on a Segway tour around Kronborg. The guide takes you around Kronborg and tells the story of the castle from it was built to now. Scandals and love stories, fantasy and reality. Duration approx. 1 hour.

The black gold 

In the cafeteria building where soldiers through 350 years has had their meal, you find Kafferisteriet. Here they roast coffee beans from around the world and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, fill the rooms. At this event, you will hear all about coffee. You get close to the entire cycle from tree to cup and hear about cultivation and processing principles, roasting process and brewing. In addition, you will taste coffee from major coffee producing countries. Duration approx.  1½ hours.

Photo experience 

Include a photo experience in your program. On the lawn in front of the castle, each guest will have the opportunity to be photographed with Hamlet's skull in his hand and with Kronborg as a background. Either guests can take their own pictures or we can have a photographer on spot.

Shakespeare in Words and music

Shakespeare in words and music - a mosaic -a lutenist and an actor/singer gives a merry entertainment that presents songs and lines from the entire work of Shakespeare.

Hamlet for "dummies" 

Shakespeare let his biggest drama take place at Kronborg, but what is the story really about, who are the characters and why is the story still interesting. Get wiser on Shakespeare and Hamlet's direct connection to Kronborg, Helsingør and Denmark with this introduction to Hamlet and Shakespeare (can also be arranged elsewhere than at Kronborg).

Trumpet fanfare 

During Frederik 2.s time musicians blew trumpet fanfares from Kronborg’s tallest tower the Trumpet Tower. Bid guests welcome with a fanfare of trumpets.

Salute from the cannons 

On special occasions, including HM Queen Margrethe's birthday, Kronborg salute from the historic cannons - the world's oldest working cannon battery. In addition to the old historical cannons, Kronborg has new cannons on the ramparts. It is possible to get the permission to fire a salute from the new cannons and in this way include a special experience in a program.

Historic games 

In the fortress area around Kronborg you find boxes with equipment for historic games. The soldiers at Kronborg were trained to develop strength, flexibility and cooperation. Also when they had time off they played. Use the games as a fun break or a gentle team building form where the participants, with an instructor, take care of each other and laugh together.

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