Helsingor center


Classic city walk

Classical city walk - Helsingor's old town is full of history, a story that unfolds on this walk through the city. You will experience the well-preserved historic centre, while the tour guide tells about Sound Dues, Erik of Pomerania, wealth and Helsingør as an international city. See medieval houses at the narrow Gl. Faergestraede, the idyllic area of Anna Queens Straede, beautiful courtyards, murals and Helsingor Town Hall. Also the two churches in the centre Helsingor Domkirke Skt. Olai church and Sct. Mariae church with the beautiful Carmelite Monastery is experienced (from the outside). Duration approx. 1 ½ hours.

A taste of Helsingor

If you dream of exploring the city with five senses, this is the tour. The tour includes visits to local merchants who offer Danish food specialties. The tour may include visits to the bakery, cheese store, butcher, coffee roaster, or in the local supermarket. Along the way, we hear about Danish food culture and we have the opportunity to taste small samples. In addition, there is a small stop to taste beer from the local brewery (the activity can also be arranged as a mini-workshop where specialists come to you e.g. to your conference venue). 

The Carmelite Monastery and Sct. Mariae Church

Everyday sounds and concerns are denied access behind the stone walls of the Carmelite Monastery. In here reigns quietness. Experience the magnificent Carmelite Monastery of Our Lady, built by poor white brothers in the period 1430-1500. Also experience Sct. Mariae church, which was originally an abbey church. Today a part of the monastery is used for the church administration, but many of the rooms are still as in the Middle Ages and can be visited. Duration approx. 1½ hours.

Marienlyst "take a break" tour

If in need for some fresh air on your conference day we suggest this 35-minute walk around Marienlyst Castle, five minutes’ walk from Hotel Marienlyst. Overlooking Oresund you will have an entertaining walk that gives you a smile on the lip and at the same time a fun picture of Helsingor's history, both the real and the one that Shakespeare has created!  Smile, storytelling and air to your mind, minutes away from your conference.

Helsingor seen with a narrator's eyes

Are different tours with André Andersen, Helsingor's own oral narrator. Choose between walks like "Knejper og Knytnaever", "Krudt, Kugler og Koen på foerste", "Oresund tales", "The King's Pirates" and many more. André make tall tales and funny anecdotes related to Elsinore come alive with a colorful word choice and a body language that makes you smell the gunpowder and meet the people behind the stories. You will not hear many dates and years, but a mixture of factual information and handed "truths" a narrator can talk long about - those who start with "It's said that ...". Each walk lasts between 1 and 1 ½ hours.

Snaphane round 

An adventurous and historical treasure hunt in the centre of Helsingor and around Kronborg. You  find fun and ancient curiosities, taste and guess the spices used in the Middle Ages and learn about ancient kings and Swedish wars, where the concept of "Snaphanerne" occurred. You will see the monastery and learn about the functions. You are divided into teams and get an old city map and materials to solve the tasks. The winning team will be kings and queens for the day. Duration 1½ to 2½ hours.

Beer tasting in the Renaissance cellar

In the unique vaulted cellar from about 1590 you will be seated at the 200 year old tables in the glow of candlelight. The cellar is built as a kitchen, but has on later occasions been Helsingor’s guard- and wine cellar. The beer tasting is conducted by Gurre Brewery. The brewer from the local brewery which is housed at Gurre Castle, talk about their beer and you will have the opportunity to taste the brewery's beer (can also be arranged elsewhere than in the Renaissance cellar). Duration approx.  1½ hour.

Segway tour   

Discover Helsingor in a different and exciting way. On a segway you will see Helsingor and hear little stories about the city and its history. Experience among others the Cathedral, the city's oldest half-timbered house, the Carmelite Convent, the house where Hans Christian Andersen went to school and much more. Duration approx. 1 hour.


Spoken word is a fast growing art form - an art form that spellbound its audience. Each year in June Helsingor host the Words Festival where national and international artists spread the words in live history telling all over the city. Especially for you we put together a show with Danish story tellers that have been on stage on Words Festival.  Be prepared to laugh, consider, be thoughtful and maybe feel the goose bumps on your skin.


Well seated we start with a general introduction to Shakespeare and Hamlet. In an informal way, we hear about the characters and the dilemmas in the play. Is Hamlet still relevant and why is Hamlet still played so often? Now you are ready to play Hamlet yourself. We split into smaller groups, make our own costumes form “hobby” materials and we play and perform assisted by professional storytellers. The activity will end with a small quiz with questions about Hamlet and Shakespeare. Who knows Hamlet best? There will be a small prize to the winner. A fun and informal activity.

Art exhibition at Hotel Konventum

More than 1000 works by Danish artists, primarily from the beginning of 1950 to today, hang in the hallways and meeting rooms or are set on the green spaces outdoors. The collection counts the big names in the Cobra movement, the association of artists Groenningen - and many more. On the guided tour you will see the works and you will hear the stories behind. Finish with a glass of wine and enjoy the great view of the Sound from the hotel garden. Duration approx. 1 hour.


Both Comwell Borupgaard and Marienlyst Strandhotel offer some of the country's most luxurious spa units. Both places you can be spoiled by specially developed treatments, a de-stressing and energizing activity. Experienced spa therapists guide you through the many activities.

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