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It's about our experience and practical approach. We have had hands on both in development and implementation. We work not only theoretically, but have tried to stand as the one who meets the guest when the pancakes must be turned to the Christmas party and we have tried to send to print with trembling heart if the review is right.

Meet us here:

Anette Kjærholm

- a determined and structured coordinator, with a broad experience within events, meetings, incentives, culture and tourism. The experience comes from 9 years as event coordinator at Kronborg Castle and 20 years as consultant in Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Kilroy Travels and DFDS Scandinavian Seaways. Anette has solved a wide range of tasks within strategic, commercial and conceptual development, product development, marketing, external collaborations, tour concepts, sales, exhibition coordination and practical execution.


Anne Danielsen

- has more than 25 years of experience with all types of planning and settlement of events and meetings in Denmark and abroad - primarily B2B. Anne has worked with a myriad of communication and marketing tasks in companies such as SKI, Fujitsu, Computerworld, Alcatel and Forlaget Borsen. Anne is educated from CBS, her forces are a great focus on details, a huge service gene, and an ability to get things done.

Helsingør also known in English as Elsinore, is a city located on the northeast coast of the island Zealand in eastern Denmark. Elsinore has a population of 46,800 (2016) and over a million visitors a year.

Elsinore is a culture city with deep roots in history. Elsinore has one of Europe's best preserved historical town centers.

When the Sound Due (1427–1857) was introduced by King Erik of Pomerania, Elsinore rapidly developed from a small fishing village to a regular market town. For more than 400 years Elsinore was an international town – even Shakespeare heard about it! Elsinore is known internationally for its castle Kronborg, where William Shakespeare's play Hamlet is set.

In 2013 Denmark’s stunning new Maritime Museum opened in Elsinore as part of the Culture harbor, which connects Kronborg Castle with the center of Elsinore in an inspiring meeting between past and present.

Elsinore is also an important ferry town with ferries connecting northeast Zealand with Sweden.

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